Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes Quick Strike 2

SE Quickstrike liten

En utmanare som i tester fått bättre omdöme än TM´s Rescue! och det till ett betydligt lägre pris.

Levereras original med skaft från Snake Eyes.

31 grader finns endast i höger.

Quick Strike II utility wood heads take the best selling utility wood in the clubmaking industry and make it even easier to hit. By slightly broadening the breadth of the head and positioning the copper-tungsten sole weights more rearward in the sole, Quick Strike II heads are even more forgiving and easier to launch than the original Quick Strike. The offset hosel is especially helpful for players who tend to push or slice the ball helping square the face at impact. Special stepped sole design cuts through turf or light rough for clean contact. The chorcoal translucent dye-coat paint gives a very rich look at address.


15D 15° 59° 222 125 36 Square
19D 19° 59.5° 227 125 36 Square
23D 23° 60° 232 125 36 Square
27D 27° 60.5° 237 125 36 Square
31D 31° 60.5° 242 120 36 Square